Conquest Charter

Members draw on their geographical proximity, technological convergence and complementary operations in road and environment maintenance.

y virtue of their shared status as equipment manufacturers, their position of leaders in the French market and their commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility, responsiveness to customers' needs and the training of their staff and the users of their products, Acometis, Etesia, Matthieu and Noremat, the declared founding members, decided to set up the Conquest network in order to promote French know-how with high added value that helps improve the living environment and supports enjoyment and continuity.
In a business environment that is favourable to initiative, the Conquest network aims to develop the areas of collaboration between companies and is committed to:

Economic conquest: sustainable development, cooperation

  • Increasing the awareness of the parties involved in the market of the concepts of sustainable purchases, particularly by taking account of the total cost of ownership
  • Developing equipment that is ever more ergonomic, particularly for intensive professional use, and building in the capability to allow use by disabled persons
  • Playing a driving role in collaboration with technology transfer centres and competitiveness clusters.

Personnel development conquest: employment and training of people

  • Supporting the creation of jobs in France
  • Fostering European patriotism by limiting purchasing of outsourced supplies
  • Regularly enhancing the training of staff.

Technological conquest: competitiveness, quality and environment protection

  • Improving the competitiveness of equipment while guaranteeing high standards of quality, performance and support services
  • Supporting and promoting the introduction of innovative technology, particularly in the area of environment protection
  • Improving user safety while heightening productivity.
    Geographical conquest: export, approvals and monitoring
  • Collaborating to attend large fairs with an international dimension
  • Encouraging the pooling of partnerships that contribute to the development of the different brands in a very larger number of export countries
  • Becoming a known player in the development of international and European regulatory standards in the areas of business covered.