Lyon 2009

On 26 March 2009, the Gerland stadium in Lyon was the venue, for the first time in the country, of a day bringing together French businesses and local authorities to exchange views on solutions from each side in order to reconcile environment protection and economic growth.

The originality of the event also lay in the organisation, on the same day as a conference on the subject of sustainable development, of a mini fair and demonstration of equipment from major French players in the area of the maintenance of green spaces, road verges, winter road maintenance and urban cleanliness, namely ACOMETIS, ETESIA, MATHIEU, NOREMAT, OUTILS WOLF and TOTALGAZ which presented equipment running on LPG - clean energy.

To add a touch of informality and relaxation, the programme also included:
a gift of a biodegradable fabric bag to each participant, a visit to the stands and pitch of the Gerland stadium, a buffet in the dressing rooms of the Club des 100 and to end the day, a rich and varied tombola (lawnmower, garden tools, food hampers and gas barbecues).
The day was prepared by sending a personalised invitation to the persons responsible for green spaces and maintenance in local governmental bodies and main landscape designers of 10 départements (69, 01, 39, 71, 42, 07, 26, 38, 73, 74)

The details of the day's programme were:


The seminar sponsored by the City of Lyon addressed the subject of the influence of sustainable development on the maintenance of green spaces, roads and streets..
The discussion brought together specialists from all the relevant areas: local governments, landscape designers and suppliers. The participants were able to discover the initiatives and achievements of the parties involved in France in the areas of eco-design, differentiated management, reduction of pollutant emissions, use of renewable energy and environment protection in general..

The themes and contributors to the conference were:

Introduction :

  • Mme Sylvie SAGNE - city Lyon

Green Space Maintenance:
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Road Verge Maintenance:

  • M. Christophe BOUSIGUE - Conseil Général du Rhône
  • M. Thierry BONNOT - Le Grand Lyon
  • M. Christophe BACHMANN - NOREMAT
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Street Cleaning:

Winter Maintenance:
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  • M. Christophe BOUSIGUE - Conseil Général du Rhône
  • M. Thierry BONNOT - Le Grand Lyon
  • M. Luc DURIEZ - CETE Nord-Picardie

Clean Energy:
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Conclusions :

  • M. Jean ROINAT
  • M. Gilles BUNA - Adjoint au Maire de Lyon

Action :

A wide range of green space, road and street maintenance equipment was available for testing out. The equipment was supplied by the French manufacturers ACOMETIS, ETESIA, MATHIEU, NOREMAT and OUTILS WOLF.
The products can cover all your maintenance needs in an innovative and efficient way: street cleaning, road verge mowing and mowing of green spaces, snow clearance and gritting of roads in winter etc.
The machines are perfectly designed to combine the requirements of professionals and those of sustainable development.

Time off:

Relaxation and informality were also on the programme. The participants took a tour of the Gerland stadium, a prestigious football venue in France, to share a buffet meal in the dressing room of the Club des 100.
Afterwards, each participant left with a souvenir gift and the luckier ones took away a prize from the tombola that closed the day.
Overall, the event was a success since close to 400 professionals took part in it, including the main local authorities of the region:

  • French Waterways in Chalon sur Saone city of Macon
  • city of Bourg-en-Bresse departmental council of Saone et Loire
  • departmental infrastructure park of the Ain town of Chalon sur Saone
  • town of Aurillac community of Creusot-Montceau
  • departmental council of drome city of Chambery
  • departmental council of Isere city of Aix les bains
  • conurbation of porte de l'Isère city of Albertville
  • conurbation of pays voironnais town hall Annecy
  • city of Saint-Etienne city of Annemasse
  • city of Nevers municipality of Megeve
  • city of Lyon city of Evian
  • grand Lyon city of Grenoble
  • city of Villeurbanne cete nord Picardie
  • City of Vaulx en Velin UNEP
  • airport of Lyon aprr district of Jura
  • town of Venissieux autoroute du sud de la france
  • departmental council of the Rhone
  • département of the Rhone
  • departmental council of Saone et Loire