Sustainable development learning

"Continuity of investment in favour of sustainable development learning."

In France, Conquest stands apart from foreign competitors who are major groups, by focussing on teaching and developing general-interest communication for French local authorities and their agents.

The communication of Conquest encourages the exchange of experience. It contributes to better information - and training - of local agents to allow the implementation of regulations, approved policies such as those in favour of sustainable development, the development of Agenda 21, the integration of ISO 14001 etc.

That commitment to spread the "Good News" of sustainable development and French know-how in the area is the ultimate aim of Conquest in the organisation of days of meetings between manufacturers, local government agencies and professionals: Sustainable Communities Days.

This website has been designed to share with you the exchange and information that resulted from the meetings held in partnership with the cities of Lyon, Bordeaux and Strasbourg. Over 1100 participants from local governmental agencies and landscape designers from France and Germany came together on the occasion to exchange views about a very topical subject, that of reconciling environment protection with the needs of the economy.

If you would like to have more information about these subjects and/or want to add your own ideas and suggestions, feel free to contact us.