Sustainable Green Spaces Days - Germany 2010

  • Objective: Highlighting the presence of Conquest in a nearby export country with potential
  • Resources mobilised: Attendance in fairs that are very representative of the activity of Conquest.
    Presentation tour providing life-size demonstrations of Conquest equipment, with a focus on local authorities and service contractors responsible for maintaining green spaces and roads.
  • Results achieved: Reinforcement of the credibility of Conquest with its network.


The four partners Noremat, Pellenc, Etesia and Eliet came together in the last week of October 2010 for a new-generation road show. They share the characteristic of making high quality products that combine innovation, efficiency and environmental responsibility. That is what led to the idea of shared action in:

  • Ulm on 26 October 2010
  • Karlsruhe on 27 October 2010
  • Frankfurt on 28 October 2010

Offering new products to a public of professionals, which will try to put them in practice sustainably, was the cement for the common action of Noremat, Pellenc, Etesia and Eliet. The persons present were able to have an idea of all the products, starting from the largest to the smallest, with the verge mowers from Noremat, the complete range of mowers and brush cutters from Etesia, the wide range of shredders, green space maintenance machinery and biomass collection equipment from Eliet, and the product assortment from Pellenc, which ranges from secateurs to grape harvesting machines.

The specialists and experts took the opportunity to test the products and also to exchange notes about their experience.
In that informal atmosphere, bathed by the last rays of the sun, the participants became more familiar with the manufacturers and ended the day with a hands-on tests of all the products. For the guests, as for the organisers Noremat, Pellenc, Etesia and Eliet the day was rich and informative. The results were very positive in Southern Germany, around Ulm, Karlsruhe and Frankfurt, as confirmed by further plans for similar days in the North of the country.

Presentation of the companies

The day was devoted to the presentation of the latest innovations in the areas of park and garden care, verge maintenance and biomass exploitation.

Programme of events

ELIET, ETESIA, NOREMAT (FISCHER) and PELLENC presented a wide palette of innovative and efficient products to cover all green space maintenance needs. The products presented included mowers, green space maintenance machines, handheld brush cutters, ride-on brush cutters and hedge trimmers.
Over 150 professionals took part in these Sustainable Green Spaces days in Germany. Most of the participants were community officials and landscape designers.

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