The Conquest company grouping

Advanced French know-how and a firm footing in international markets.
Providing solutions for road verges, green spaces, motorway maintenance and town planning, Conquest stands out because of its attention to the needs and requirements of users and its ability to adapt and innovate.
The member companies of the Conquest network have been operating for many years from Eastern France, sharing a philosophy of responsiveness to the needs of their users and supplying effective and complementary solutions. They have come together to set up the first European network of manufacturers of equipment for planning and maintaining rural and urban public spaces.
ACOMETIS , ETESIA , HUSSON and NOREMAT in the Conquest network: a new dynamic to showcase French know-how in an age of globalisation.


  • Voluntary organisation under the laws of Alsace including four family-run SMEs with shared values that enjoy a strong reputation and image in the domestic market.
  • ACOMETIS - snow clearance equipment, ETESIA - green space maintenance equipment, HUSSON INTERNATIONAL - design and creation of play equipment, NOREMAT - road verge maintenance equipment.
  • 500 employees
  • Turnover € 100 million
  • Export as the driver of growth: 1 out of 3 pieces of equipment exported to one of over 50 countries
  • President of Conquest: Patrick Vivès, Chairman of Etesia


  • Consolidating leadership in innovation in the domestic market as a showcase for export
  • Do more as a group than what could be done in isolation
  • Generating economies of scale while prospecting
  • Creating an Export task force and learning to work together
  • Leveraging the reputation of the Conquest name for commercial operations for export