The TRADES of the Conquest group: 1 TRADE = 1 SPECIALIST

Conquest brings together the best specialists in France of the following trades:


Companies associated with Conquest: :


Snow clearance equipment

ACOMETIS manufactures gritters and snow clearance equipment. Acometis bases its development on its people and the service to customers. Thanks to its dynamic staff, it has developed innovative, efficient and rugged tools for winter road maintenance Environmentally responsible snow clearance by Acometis involves close control over the grit applied for the result to be achieved.
To that end, we offer specific techniques, such as on-board sensors, real-time data transmission, remote adjustment etc., which are integrated into the very design of gritters using recyclable materials such as stainless steel or PEHD to make our gritters environmentally responsible.
Assistance and training for your staff in respect of maintenance, adjustment and operation help ensure efficient operation.Snow clearance equipment





Professional lawnmowers

Etesia : Etesia is the specialist in France of green space maintenance, offering a range of over 40 models of ride-on mowers and brush cutters to cover all the stringent demands of professional users.
Etesia and sustainable development:
Environment protection and sustainable development in general have always been a key concern, well before these ideas became generally known. That is why Etesia has developed its own philosophy, called Bio Concept. It takes account of environment protection in all the areas of the company and at every stage in the life cycle of equipment. The choice of materials and manufacturing processes takes account of the environmental impact.
Bio Concept brings together different projects of new clean engines. That is how, in less than two years, Etesia released three exclusive new products: the first ride-on mower in the world running entirely on pure vegetable oil (biofuel), the first ride-on mower in Europe running on LPG (25% less CO, 21% less CO2) and the first ride-on mower in the world that runs entirely on electricity (zero pollutant emission in use, zero noise in movement etc.).
The vision of Etesia of the future of its market is that of economy and ecology that are at last reconciled.Professional lawnmowers
That commitment of Etesia has taken material form with its new green engines and also through the versatility of its range, which makes it possible to apply different mowing techniques, and thus truly differentiated management.

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Collective, play and sports equipment

Husson international : “Legendary Sturdiness”
Founded in 1960, the HUSSON International group is now one of Europe's leading manufacturers of play and sports equipment.
Reputed across Europe for the exceptional ruggedness of its equipment and its very high safety standards,Husson International combines innovative design with know-how of steel acquired in the course of 50 years of metal work.
The company designs, manufactures and installs its equipment; its location at the foot of the Vosges mountains makes it very sensitive to environmental issues:
- It has invested heavily to ensure the factories are exemplary in terms of discharges into the air and water ( à la place de to ensure that its plants are exemplary in terms of air and water emissions,)
- It uses environmentally inert materials, i.e. materials that are environmentally-friendly during their life and then easy to recycle (like steel), /> - It designs and manufactures products for a very long life, as that is also what sustainability is all about!

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Road maintenance and production of green resources

Noremat: Noremat is specialised in professional equipment for road verge maintenance and biomass exploitation. For several years, Noremat has been working with customers on an approach aimed at reducing their carbon footprint, by developing materials that require less power (such as the Tactil' mowing unit) and by extending its range to include equipment for biomass exploitation (collection of verge grass, shredders for wood energy and biomass).
Always responsive to customers (20,000 visits every year), Noremat has based its growth on a policy of continuous innovation and unparalleled service.
With 30 years of continuous growth, the company employs 206 staff, all specialists, and serves over 7000 customers in more than 30 countries.

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Pellenc : Pellenc is a recognised global leader of mechanised grape and olive farming, and in 2008, it set up a new Green Technology division to offer a range of innovative professional tools powered by extra high-capacity lithium ion batteries for arboricultural work, green space maintenance and cleaning of public roads and streets. These revolutionary tools are designed to compete with IC engines. They do away entirely with CO2 emissions and noise, combining high power (up to 2000W) and incomparable range (up to a whole day's work).

Every year, Pellenc devotes close to 10% of its turnover to research and development in order to improve its products. Pellenc has won many prizes for its technological innovations across the world.

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From its inception, Eliet has been specialised in certain niche markets. After 20 years of existence, Eliet machines continue to serve three essential areas of application:

  • Treatment of green waste
  • Lawn installation and maintenance
  • Removal of waste

The very large range of Eliet machines includes plant shredders, seeders, scarifiers, landscape work machines, leaf blowers and vacuums and snow blowers.

When new machines are developed, Eliet always endeavours to design them to be as simple as possible, and to offer as much comfort and high technology as possible. Investing in an Eliet machine is investing in higher efficiency and greater versatility. Thanks to their excellent performance, you will be able to work, make savings and allow your machine to pay for itself in no time.